For I am you

For I am you, whether winged or furry or water bound, I live and die, just as do you.
I see you because you can look at me as well and see that my blood runs through my body; a body given by the creator, just as yours was given to you. You live as you choose and make your rules to suit your existence, yet your rules do not protect me, for I can not speak to protect my kind and our rights. Therefore, I do not live; I merely exist, because unlike you, I have no choice. I hear you because you can hear me; yet you choose not to hear my need for compassion to live as my creator intended; just as do you. Your home is my home; yet you take mine away because you see my existence as trivial; however, in as much, you destroy your home as well for pleasures sake. My legs were made to roam, my wings to soar, my feet however diverse were made to walk this earth. Our laws were given by nature which we respect to the fullest for herein lies our survival. You do not respect the laws of nature, you punish her with your own laws which are born from greed and selfishness against your own environment and your own kind.. Stop...for a moment and see our existence, for in doing so you would learn the true meaning of being alive, untainted and innocent, we survive on instincts alone that you have thrown away. Stop...and listen to the voiceless....Stop and look at me. Do you not yet recognize me.......for I am you. You are my voice.

-Jon White-

My Heart Beats Just Like Yours

So what if I have hooves, flippers or paws
My heart beats just like yours
Fur or feathers or scales, skin that is of a different tone My body still feels pain, as does your own

I may be of a different size
But you can look me in the eyes
I might fly in the sky, walk the land or swim the sea
But apart from such simple multitudes, you are just like me

You have families whom you love so dearly
Just like yours we cherish ours clearly
I may not have a human voice, but I have my own and that's fine
I can't understand the whole of your language, well neither can you for mine

Here to live life, like you it is my meaning
Myself and yourself, the both of us are breathing I have a brain and I am a person
My life is not yours to worsen

All of us born with freedom intended You would not want yours dismended We each can feel emotion
And are capable of warming devotion

We all start young and then grow old
If you're immoral to me then to yourself also cold
I'm not a slave nor property, not product nor a something
You cannot put a price on life, I am a someone, innocent and loving

Respect the sameness and sentience we share
We are individuals, deservant of your love and care

by : Jon white